City of the future: Vincent Callebaut imagine Paris in 2050

The three vertical forests of Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Vincent Callebaut, an architect from Belgium now living in Paris, has published a book titled: Paris 2050: Les cités fertiles face aux enjeux du XXIe siècle (Paris 2050: Fertile cities facing the challenges of the 21st century) in which he proposes eco-responsible solutions.

On his, it is possible to see beautiful images showing the various buildings he has imagined for the city of Paris as well as for several other projects around the world.

He proposes that we get closer to nature not just to embellish our buildings but to transform our cities into biotopes where citizens can find their green thumb…

Interesting links:
Visitons le Paris de 2050 — Vincent Callebaut — TEDx École Polytechnique (in French)

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