Floating cities: a solution for rising seas

Floating homes in Amsterdam’s IJBurg neighborhood.

Koen Olthuis, a Dutch architect has realized various projects of floating houses among others in the Netherlands where the situation concerning the rise of seas risks to be critical in a few years.

Usually, the buildings of our city are created in order to satisfy our needs. However, our needs are constantly changing from a climatic, economic, social and demographic point of view. All of these factors have an impact on how we should think about building our cities.

The architect also indicates that we are stuck in this vision where a city can only be built with static elements. But what if we could make a city where we could move the structures to make more space or to respond to a new function.

It is a solution that could make our cities more dynamic and better prepared to adapt to certain changes and especially meet the needs of citizens living in a place and at a time given.

Floating residences in Eilandenrijk, Terwijde, Utrecht.

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